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          Hello, Matadors! The people writing this letter are the people behind the website. The Sandian is run by four sophomores, and we work hard every day to publish the articles you want to read. All of us write, and all of us edit the stories you see on The Sandian. Here’s a short introduction from each of our writers.


Frida Rosas:

          Hey there Matadors! (Or whoever happens to be reading this) I am Frida Rosas and I am part of of the newspaper staff. I am a sophomore this year and not only am I part of the Newspaper, but I am also on Yearbook. My goal for this years newspaper is to keep you all informed on all of the activities and events Sandia High School will be hosting.


Elisabeth Williams:

          Hi everyone, my name is Elisabeth. I am 25% of the Sandian staff. I’ve wanted to be part of the newspaper here since the beginning of freshman year. I took journalism last year in order to join the newspaper, and working on it has been amazing so far. I’m so excited to be able to publish our stories and share news with the community.


Isiah Harris:

          Welcome to the Sandian, Matadors! My name is Isiah! I'm 16 years old and I’m a sophomore. So far working on the newspaper has been pretty great. My goal for this year is to have the newspaper be more successful than last year. I hope you guys enjoy the newspaper as much as we love working on it!

Theodore Reynolds:

          Heyo fellow Sandia Matadors, it’s me, Theo Reynolds. I am not going to say I’m 25% of the newspaper staff because Elisabeth already took that one. What I want in life is to become a writer and comedian for Comedy Central or HBO. I’m a fun loving guy and am proud to be working on this production for hopefully all to see My goal for the newspaper is to create a steady and reader friendly site and paper production for the entire Matador community. Theodore Reynolds out.


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May 15, 2019

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