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From the Perspective of a Freshman

          Our team thought it would be interesting to interview three different freshman about their first month of high school. Here are their stories and personal experiences.


          Myka Martinez is 14 years old, and joined our community just a short month ago. When asked how these first four weeks have been, she had a lot of things to say. Myka’s favorite part so far has been being on the Cheer Team. She loves the sense of community they have and how close of  a bond they share. She says, “It’s almost like- no, we are sisters.” Myka really enjoys being a part of something. Her least favorite part about freshman year, though, has been the stress. The weight of keeping up with being on Cheer, Senate, and all of her homework is crushing her. She says that when she has to be to school early, and then her games after school run for a while, she has no time for school work. But overall, she has had a lot of fun and likes high school a lot more than any other grade. Myka was surprised that her grades improved, and that 9th grade has made her more social and overall happier. Myka hopes to overcome the fears she still has about high school, and that all four years will be as fun as this one has been.


          Bayliss Grove is 14 years old and has just joined the Sandia community. The best part of high school for him so far has been meeting lots of new friends. His least favorite part has been biology class. Bayliss never expected for everyone to be so friendly, and to meet new people like he has been. Bayliss says that he has changed a lot since before freshman year, and now he loves the fact that now he is making friends more easily than he used to. When asked how his freshman year has been over all, he simply says that “It was great.”


          Saniah Ravenna is a freshmen this year at Sandia High School, and when asked about her feelings on the current school year, Saniah responded with the following:Saniah feels that the class times both in the block schedule and on C days are adequate times for class and flow well over the course of the school day. She said she enjoys her teachers, and hasn’t had a problem with any staff members so far this school year. Although she enjoys the class times, Saniah feels that things around school are a bit unorganized and could be better put into fruition in the later months of the school year. She also claims to dislike the distance between her classes and all the buildings, and she wishes the campus was closer together than it is. So far, her year has been a-okay.


          All in all, Sandia freshmen have been excited to be here and happy with how Sandia has held up to is acclaim. Most people are happy with our school, and the freshman are no exception.


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May 15, 2019

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