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The Rio Rancho Spirit Rally

December 20, 2017

          This past Saturday, on December 16th, Rio Rancho High School hosted the Rio Rancho Spirit Rally, a cheer competition with many competing teams. The APS schools that competed consisted of West Mesa, Volcano Vista, Valley, Sandia, La Cueva, Highland, Eldorado, and Cibola High School. There were many other non-APS schools, such as Taos High and Hope Christian High. At 9 AM, the competition opened with a moment of silence for fallen cheerleader Casey Marquez, who was killed in the Aztec shooting on December 8th.

          After several routines from various schools, Hope Christian began theirs. Toward the end of their routine, cheerleader Camille Crater came down from a stunt wrong and completely dislocated her ankle. It reportedly fractured in two places and snapped in half. Crater stayed on the gym floor while medics tended to her and waited for paramedics to arrive. While being treated, cheerleaders from other schools started coming down from the stands to respectfully support her. In around ten minutes, every cheerleader from every school was down on the floor in an oval around Crater. Soon, the paramedics arrived at the scene and took Crater away on a stretcher.

          Shortly after, the competition resumed and schools began competing again. At the end of the competition, the winners of various achievements were announced. Albuquerque High won Varsity Game Day, Eldorado High won JV overall, Eldorado High won Large Varsity Cheer with Music, Valley High won Small Varsity Cheer with Music, and Eldorado High won Dance. Overall, the competition was action packed and had several unexpected events. 

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May 15, 2019

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