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Time's Up; The Golden Globes

January 12, 2018

          On January 7, 2018 the Golden Globes took place and were hosted by Seth Meyers. This year many celebrities expressed their support for the Times Up movement by wearing black clothing. Celebrities such as  Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, and Viola Davis were seen showing their support. In 2017, it was brought to everyone’s attention that many women all around the world have been silent about being sexually assaulted, harassed and the facing the obvious act of inequality in the workplace. This was brought to light when women all around the world started using #METOO to show what they've been through. After Oprah Winfrey accepted the Golden Globes’ Cecil B. DeMille Award, she gave a speech that went viral and was one of the biggest highlight of the night. Oprah stated:


         “And I’m especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. Each of us in this room are celebrated because of the stories that we tell. And this year we became the story. But it’s not just a story affecting the entertainment industry. It’s one that transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics or workplace.

So I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault, because they — like my mother — had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue. They’re the women whose names we’ll never know. They are domestic workers and farmworkers; they are working in factories and they work in restaurants, and they’re in academia and engineering and medicine and science; they’re part of the world of tech and politics and business; they’re our athletes in the Olympics and they’re our soldiers in the military.”  She ended her speech with a strong note saying, “So I want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon! And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say, ‘Me too’ again. Thank you.”


          Oprah has become one of the many women in Hollywood who have spoken up, and shown how large the problem of women subduing themselves for fear of being judged is. If you’re a woman who has experienced sexual assault, harassment, or been a victim of inequality, speak up and let your voice be heard. Those who want to contribute to the Times Up movement visit their website at .




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May 15, 2019

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