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          The Sandian has been a part of this high school for a very long time, but the current staff is fairly new. Below, our staff all describe themselves and why they are a part of the paper.


Elisabeth Williams

          Hello everyone, and welcome to a second year of The Sandian. My name’s Elisabeth, and I’m the editor-in-chief of The Sandian. Our purpose this year is the same as last year: to inform the students of Sandia about what’s happening in and outside campus. Be sure to check our site often for many interesting stories!


Alicia Wong

          I joined newspaper for a few reasons, I would like to explain. First reason, I love being  part of newspaper because I’m able to know about all the current events. Second, I like it because it’s fun going places and finding out things. Third, I would also like to engage in people’s interests. Finally, I want to gain more experience with photography and writing. I hope to have a positive impact on the newspaper as a whole.


Hunter Perea

          My name’s Hunter Perea and I joined newspaper for few reasons. 1) I really liked the journalism class and actually want to go into that profession one day. 2) It also seemed really fun to be working with a small crew, and I just enjoy writing stories and interviewing people. 3) To conclude, making and working on a newspaper seems fun and I hope to contribute to it in several ways (photography, stories, etc). In general, I’m very excited about this.


 Frida Rosas

         Que onda Matadores!  It's your girl Frida. It's an honor knowing I will be able to continue writing stories for The Sandian once again. This is my second year a staff member in the school’s newspaper. I really hope you all enjoy reading the paper as much as I  enjoy writing for it and don't forget to give us feedback, your opinion matters. May you all have a blissful year :)


Rachel Essenmacher

          Hey guys! My name is Rachel, and I’m new to the newspaper staff this year.  I’m a junior this year at Sandia. Writing is one of my passions and I aim to write articles that will capture and interest you all this year. Hopefully, you will all enjoy the paper this year just as much as we’ll enjoy producing it for you!


Theo Reynolds

          Hello everybody, my name is Theodore Earle Reynolds and I am the Copy Editor of the paper. This will be my second year on the newspaper staff. Last year I got to write about a lot of things I thought y’all would enjoy and I’m excited that I can continue to do so. I am also striving to increase the production and quality of our work. Theo out.


Luke Bellanca

        Greetings readers, my name is Luke and I am new to The Sandian staff this year. I am in my junior year. and I am excited to bring you intriguing content to read. I will be taking on the sports section and a new segment called Music of the Week. I hope that everyone reading will enjoy and share the stories!


Kadie Sanchez

          Hello Matadors, it’s Kadie Sanchez. I am a sophomore and I’m part of the Sandian staff. My goal for the newspaper is to have it be more interactive with the staff and students at Sandia. I am excited for this year and what it brings. I hope you love the newspaper as much as we do!

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February 6, 2020

February 6, 2020

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