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A Fresh Take on the PARCC

September 7, 2018


          I, being a sophomore at Sandia High School, have taken the PARCC like so many other students, and there are many strong opinions towards it.

          Many students in my community at Sandia High School think that the PARCC test is “pointless” and “a waste of time.” One of the main reasons why they might think that is because they have to sit through hours of testing and staring at a computer screen; which stresses the mind as well as body, can cause headaches, and loses valuable class time. But many parents and teachers disagree with students; Albuquerque Journal states that the standardized PARCC test has directly correlated to a rise in math grades. A father of an enrolled 10th grade student at Sandia said, “If it doesn’t affect the current grades of the student they should have no problem taking PARCC.”

          But students do indeed have a problem taking PARCC. They get tired of taking standardized tests. “Their is a big difference between being lazy and and doing what you need to do. If it’s a graduation requirement students should take the time to do the test just like students do with all their school work...”, an anonymous source told the Sandian.

          Students believe they are overwhelmed with the work they have already. “More parents and teachers should motivate the students instead of giving negative opinions that will make them not want to take the test. The test mostly affects the teacher and if they are teaching the student correctly.”, the source continued.

          I don’t loathe the test, but I don’t love it either. Nobody likes testing, no matter how it’s done. But the PARCC test is a graduation requirement as well as having an impact on teachers, and the test should be taken more seriously by students; the PARCC is not as horrible as students think it is.


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May 15, 2019

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