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Sandia's Lack of Preparation for the Cold Weather

January 14, 2019

Over the winter break, Albuquerque was hit with several days of snow, including an intense snow storm on the 3rd of January. Albuquerque’s drivers were affected, but students didn’t anticipate the ice that would cover their campus.

Students arriving at school on the 7th have witnessed ice and snow in every crevice of the school; a particularly bad area is the stairs that go down from yucca. Several students have been witnessed slipping or even falling because of the ice. Sandia administration has been taking precautions against the ice, such as using ice melt and scooping large chunks of ice. Over the following days, the ice has melted slightly- though this should be credited to the sun, not administration’s efforts. One junior at Sandia, Justice Webb, had walked across campus and testified that the ice melt was not even placed on the ice, and there were still large chunks of ice and snow; another chimed in stating- “Yeah, there are still huge chunks of ice in the shadows!”

Ms. Lissick, junior assistant principal, stated that “The snow and ice accumulation is primarily a result of unfortunate timing.” She says that the timing of the snowstorm was the only reason that there was so much ice left on campus is simply because administration didn’t have time to clear it; “APS faculty and staff were on break along with APS students when the weather moved in therefore the custodial staff did not clear the snow or ice”. In the event of another snowstorm, admin should have enough time and resources to clear it before students are endangered.

Students at Sandia believe the large patches of ice and snow covering campus are dangerous and unsafe. Students should take precaution while walking across campus, making sure to avoid the areas affected.


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May 15, 2019

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